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Jim Peterson

Jim Peterson

Jim Peterson served in the Navy for 9 years. After receiving his wings, he flew an S-2 anti-submarine warfare plane. In addition to flying, Jim also served as an LSO (landing signal officer) on aircraft carriers, having controlled over 7,000 landings of a large variety of airplanes on all different kinds of ships. He also has made over 700 carrier landings himself.

After the Navy, Jim flew for Northwest Airlines for 4 months, but was laid off along with 400 other pilots; they were never recalled.

Jim then started up an air-ambulance service with a doctor in Minneapolis who helped pioneer kidney transplants. He flew patients as well as kidneys all over the country.

Then Jim's big opportunity came to fly for the Waupaca Foundry under Don Brunner in January of 1977 and retired in February of 2000. He mainly flew a Turbo Commander, but before retiring, was checked out in the foundry's Citation.

[Copy and image courtesy of Jim Neidert]

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