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Rocky & Mark & Friends...

Rocky Maggio and Mark Hildebrand are some of the guys who are just always there when something needs to be done for 68C. Mowing, turf rolling, snow plowing, fixing stuff, taking a turn at cooking - they know what's needed and just take care of it. Doing stuff together is a high priority, too...

Chuck, Rocky, Mark, well digger, Wayne
Chuck Brownlow, Rocky Maggio, Mark Hildebrand, well digger, Wayne Poppy
at Lakeland, FL - 1997

Alice, Rocky
Alice & Rocky Maggio - Chain O' Lakes...
Our Italian Chefs

Bob Faux, Mark Hildebrand
Bob Faux, Mark Hildebrand - Chain O' Lakes

Mark, Ron, Rocky
Mark Hildebrand, Ron Unertl, Rocky Maggio - Lakeland, FL

[All images courtesy of Rocky Maggio]

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