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Tony Van Kampen

Tony Van Kampen

Owner of McDonald's restaurants in New London, Clintonville, and Waupaca (WI), Tony Van Kampen has been a good friend and benefactor of our little airport. He is a unique and very special guy.

Tony - Ercoupe Tony is a successful businessman in Waupaca County and one of its largest employers, a status achieved by many years of hard work. He is a dedicated husband and father and a man of faith. He has been kind and generous to many people and causes and would have a hard time counting all the many friends he has made throughout his years here in our area. Tony's lovely wife, Lorraine, will often send him out to the airport to go flying when she sees that the pressures of business are weighing him down. He always returns a "new man".

This image is of Tony and his spiffy little Ercoupe at the Fall Colors/Chili Fly-In.

[Copy and head shot courtesy of Bill Kinsman]

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