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Dismantling the
Shawano Tower
[Warning: 1.7MB]

Here's a page of pictures from the Paul Johns appreciation day at August 14, 2015 Friday Lunch.

360 Panorama image Friday Lunch - Sept. 13, 2013 (horizontal scroll)

Watch member Simon Holland's videos on YouTube...
Jerry Graf's Aviators by Design at EAA Airventure 2012,
(Simon & Willie's) Powered Parachutes Visit Iola Lunch 05 March 2010,
Four Blackhawks at Lunch 19 February 2010,
Friday Lunch Departures 4 September 2009,
Bill's OTW ride 14 August 2009,
Iola Central County Lunch fun 20 March 2009,
Blackhawk departure at Iola Lunch 30 Jan. 2009

Peg Riemer liked that Blackhawk helicopter, too. [pop-up image]
Peg Riemer's March 5 Lunch Parasailer Images [245KB]

Short .wmv of the Canadair Challenger fly-by after lunch July 3, 2009 (from John Dorcey's blog)

Final for 22
Final for 22

68C driveway sign
The 68C Driveway Entry Sign

The Fireplace
A Warm Place to Chat on a Cold Day

Fireplace Chat
More Fireplace Chat

Wintertime -- Ski-In!

2 'Copters
You never know what drops in for lunch...

Love of Flying
The Love of Flying...

Prime Rib chow line
Prime Rib chow line - June

Paul & Paula
Happy times

HS.125 fly-by
HS-125-800 fly-by at a Friday lunch - wow!

Strange alien craft

1943 Aeronca
Taildraggers galore

drag race
It's a race!!

Westwind fly-by
Westwind fly-by at lunch... yahoo!

Tim's trike
Innovative projects in the parking lot

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